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As an internet translation company, Hi! All Languages Translations provides translation services also in USA.

Besides the language difference between the US or UK English, there are other aspects that have to be taken into account when providing translation services in USA.

When it comes to technical translation services, medical translation services, pharmaceutical translation services, website translation services or software translation services, the document translation process is quite the same in all countries and for all languages. As long as we work with expert and professional translators, the results are always professional and meant to help you with your business, scientific projects, presentations, etc.

Yet, there is a difference when it comes to certified translations, SWORN translations or notarized translations. These translations refer to officially accepted translations performed by translators registered with and approved by a certain competent authority.

Overall, a certified translation refers to that translation that is signed and stamped by the translator as a proof and attestation that the text on the target document has the same meaning as the text on the source file, while the notarized translation refers to that translation that is signed and stamped by the translator in front of a notary public. This process can be done only by certified translators.

In USA, a translator does not have to be certified in order to sign and stamp a translation in order to certify it. In USA, there is no licensing for translators. Yet, there are ATA-certified translators that are certified in numerous language pairs. According to the American Translators Association, in USA “it is not necessary to be certified or licensed in order to provide a certified translation for official use, unless the entity receiving the translation specifies that the translation must be done by an ATA-certified translator” (Caitilin Walsh, CT; ATA President-Elect).

Hi! All Languages Translations together with our US English native professional and expert translators are always here to help you with the translation of documents and files intended for use in the USA, or with interpreting demands across the United States.

As a major economic power in the world, the United States of America export goods and services to the rest of the countries of the world. When it comes to export, the importing countries have to understand properly what the goods and services are designated for, and therefore the specifications and instructions must be translated accordingly, so that everybody can understand in a proper manner their purpose. Therefore, when choosing a translation service provider, one should never rely only on USA based translation service providers. As an internet translation agency, Hi! All Languages Translations is much more experienced in finding the best solution for your requirements and in offering you the best results as we do not focus only on the regulations and expectations in a certain country, but we are always up to date with the latest ones in all countries of the world and each of these are equally important.  The target market has its own language and, by definition, the exporting company has to provide best quality information in order to be successful on that market.

Hi! All Languages Translations together with our native translators based in any country of the world are always here to help you achieve your goal.

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