Language Localization (US) or Localisation (UK)

Hi! All Languages Translations provides localization services. We translate your product into different languages by adapting it for a specific country or region. Should you require software localization, games localization or dub localization, let us know and your target locals or audience will derive advantage from professional services and will look for other of your products with confidence. The localization process is different than the translation process. The translation of a website, for example, refers only to the process of changing the source language with the target language, in a word for word literal way, whilst website localization refers to the adaptation of the content for regional locals, by reaching the correct connotation in that culture. Good examples are the sayings, which have the same connotation in the source and target languages, but when the target text is compared with the source one, there seems to be no similarity. The localization process can be carried out only by extremely experienced linguists who can verify that your product looks as if it has been created specifically for the required target culture.

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